Warning: Could not retrieve fact ipaddress

We use puppet heavily and we really like it. We use it in master-less setup. I will write about it later some day.

Nevertheless as we move more to IPv6 only server deployment, we started receiving strange messages after one of our migrations.

Warning: Could not retrieve fact ipaddress

Of course, server doesn’t have IPv4 address except loopback, we still haven’t been brave enough to use 100% IPv6 setup with IPv4 disabled.

We weren’t able to find where it comes from, so we just workaround our problem in our puppet-run.sh script. As we don’t actually use IP address in our puppet configurations, we just pretended to have one:

# Hotfix: "Warning: Could not retrieve fact ipaddress" on IPv6 only servers

ipaddress=$(facter ipaddress)
if [ "x$ipaddress" == "x" ]; then
    export FACTER_ipaddress=""

And error message disappeared.

If you know where it comes from, feel free to let me know.


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